What To Do After Golfing in Tagaytay?

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July 30, 2018 • By lstamaria

Whether you play to stay in shape, or simply to pass your leisure time, golf is one of the most fun sport to play in Tagaytay. Manila also has its fair-share of golf courses, but Tagaytay’s weather make this outdoor sport a lot more enticing to play. Aside from the weather, Tagaytay is also rich with different relaxing spots to hang out, so here are some post golf activities you can indulge in after a tiring game:

Lunch Out

After a few swings, your appetite must be through the roof. Tagaytay may have a slew of choices, but of course you deserve the best in Tagaytay! Restaurant Verbena brilliantly puts together farm fresh ingredients to make country-contemporary cuisine that takes you on a great gastronomic journey.

Coffee by the ridge

No doubt, coffee is great. One can find any instance (or excuse, for that matter) to have a cup of this bitter goodness, so why not have one right after a few swings? After all, Tagaytay’s weather is perfect not only for golfing, but for enjoying a cup of coffee too. If that does not convince you, we’re sure the magnificent view of Taal will!

Have a cold one

If you’re feeling extra celebratory, this is the perfect post-golfing activity. It may not seem like the best choice if you’re trying to steer away from that dreaded beer belly, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy yourself every once in a while. After all, life feels like a vacation in Tagaytay, so some post-golf beer would be a great idea!

Tagaytay is full of fun activities for those adventurous enough to try it, so why not practice your swing and get a sweat in while you’re in this beautiful city?

Posted in Uncategorized
July 30, 2018 • By lstamaria

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