Sweet Gestures She Will Appreciate

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August 24, 2018 • By lstamaria

It’s always a great feeling whenever we get the chance to put a smile on the faces of our partner. Whether it’s a special occasion or a normal day, sweet gestures are always welcome, and even encouraged to keep the spark alive. Not every gesture has to be grand, so here’s a small list of things you can do to make your partner smile.

Simple Mid-day Phone Calls

Work days can be a bit busy, and trying to keep in touch with your partner can be a challenge, especially on busy days. Not being able to reply or call is definitely understandable, but taking time out of your day to briefly catch up or ask about each other’s day is a plus.

Well Thought-Out Gifts

We’re not trying to be materialistic and say that you have to give your partner a gift to make them smile. But when you do have to give them a gift, make sure it counts. It may be simple to assume that the more expensive it is, the more that our partners will appreciate it, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It can be something that she mentioned to you once, or something that you know she needs, but one thing’s for sure, a well-thought out gift can easily beat an expensive one.

Hand-Written Notes

Call us old school, but the impact of hand-written letters are priceless. At the age of texting, the art of handwriting letters can be a lost one. So taking a small time out your day to write her a sweet little note can go a long way.

Unexpected Dates

Date nights are always exciting, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion, but sometimes asking her out to a random date can add an element of surprise and romance. Tagaytay has always had its certain charm, and a date night at the best restaurant in Tagaytay, or better yet, booking a private dining room, is a great way to spend the evening.

Posted in Uncategorized
August 24, 2018 • By lstamaria

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