Sustainability and Food Consciousness

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May 31, 2018 • By lstamaria

With the ever-growing farm-to-table trend with restaurants, Chef Jayjay Sycip of Restaurant Verbena chooses to take it a step further. Food consciousness is starting to rise not just from a business standpoint, but it’s starting to grow on the customers as well. Partnering with F&B Report, Chef Jayjay Sycip takes them on a farm tour to get to pick his brain on his vision for Restaurant Verbena and strengthening the relationship between farmers and chefs. Farm-to-table not only aims to improve the livelihood of local farmers, but it’s also a statement on the commitment in serving dishes as fresh as possible. For Chef Jayjay, less is more. Which is why he opts for organic ingredients. Contrary to common belief, organic produce is as simple as they come. This simply means the ingredients grown on the farm are free from pesticides and chemicals, and letting the produce grow as nature intended. Locally sourcing the ingredients also means that they arrive at his kitchen as soon, and more importantly, as fresh as possible.

Chef Jayjay created two salads that embody his vision of sustainability and freshness – the Kale and Asian Roast Beef Salad. All of the ingredients present in these dishes are sourced from local farms. These dishes serve as a step towards the right direction for him. Eventually, Chef Jayjay wants his customers to not only know where his ingredients came from, but to also know WHO grows the food as the epitome of food consciousness. For him, there’s more integrity and most importantly, there’s more soul to it. With the aligned vision of The Discovery Leisure Company and Chef Jayjay towards sustainability, there’s no denying that more exciting things are sure to come for Discovery Country Suites and the rest of Discovery’s Hotels and Resorts.

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All photos are courtesy of F&B Report. All rights reserved.

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May 31, 2018 • By lstamaria

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