Planning the Perfect Meeting

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June 29, 2018 • By lstamaria

Getting an invite from a meeting might garner different reactions depending on the person. Some may dread it and wish to be somewhere else or be excited for it. Here are some tips on how to make sure you will have a seamless meeting:

Set Clear Agendas

No one wants to attend a meeting with no clear agenda. Everyone’s time is valuable, so it’s important to make it worth their while. Setting a clear agenda ensures that the meeting becomes productive for everyone attending, and those who don’t can also be productive focusing on another task at hand. So before sending out that invite, ask yourself if it’s necessary to get everyone in the same room, or if a group e-mail can suffice.

Double Checking the Roles of Each Attendee

This can easily fall under the first point, but this is a point that can be easily overlooked. When planning a meeting, try to list down all those you want to invite, and evaluate why they need to attend it. After all, letting someone attend a whole day meeting may not be efficient if they only need to be there for a few minutes.

Finding a Good Venue

This is one of the ways to get people excited to attend a meeting. It may seem like a minor detail, but picking out a good venue can help you guarantee a productive meeting. Looking forward to meetings boosts your morale, so it’s one way to ensure that you will have a productive meeting. If you don’t want over to stress over the little details such as choosing what food to order, renting out a projector, or for out of town meetings, finding an accommodation for everyone, choosing the right venue is essential.


Posted in Uncategorized
June 29, 2018 • By lstamaria

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