Indoor Activities for the Rainy Season

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July 20, 2018 • By lstamaria

Days of raining and the extra chilly weather make staying indoors the most viable option to spend our free time. After all, we don’t want to be stuck outside in traffic, but it doesn’t mean it’s totally a bad thing! Make the most out of the rainy weather by finding some indoor activities to enjoy.

Catch Up with Your Family

It may seem like a simple way to spend time, but the simplest things are often the most priceless. Instead of trying to hop on to the next night out, spend some much needed quality time with the family to tell each other stories and catch up on the latest happenings about your life. You’ll find that these are the memories you would treasure most.

Channel Your Inner Kid and Play Some Board Games

Who said that board games are for kids only? Everyone is still a kid at heart, so take advantage of the rainy season and open up that box of Monopoly and get cracking! The kids will surely be curious and would be dying to join, so this is also the perfect time to bond with them and pass on the fun games you played when you were kids.

Movie Marathon

This is probably everyone’s guilty pleasure whenever they have time to stay indoors. Who wouldn’t want to have a mountain loads of snacks on one side, and your favorite movie playing on the screen, without having to worry about anything? Get that box of DVDs you have, or open up your Netflix account, and start watching your favorite movies or series! There’s no shame in finishing one whole season in one day, you deserve it!

Indulge in Your Favorite Dishes

You’re already relaxing, so might as well indulge your palate. Leisure and food go hand in hand, and this is the perfect weather to make your tummy happy. Master that recipe you’ve been eyeing on your Facebook feed for weeks, or better yet, book yourself an overnight stay that comes with a mouthwatering set dinner and delightful breakfast.

Read More Books

Our busy schedule rarely permits us to read the books we have been longing to read, so use the time indoors to catch up on your reading. Imagine this: it’s a rainy afternoon, you’re sipping on hot tea, your favorite music quietly filling the background, and you, reading by the bedside. Now THAT is a perfect cozy Sunday afternoon.

Despite the gloomy weather, it’s best to always look at the bright side! Going outside may often be a challenge during the rainy season, but there still priceless memories to be made staying at the comforts of the indoors.

Posted in Uncategorized
July 20, 2018 • By lstamaria


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